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Dogs In The Future? 

Are you aware that The Animal Right's Extremist's are trying to take your right to own a pet away from you?  This is so scary, because they seem to be succeeding. They want all Dogs Spayed and Neutered so they will become extinct!!!

They collect money from unsuspecting people with good hearts under the false pretense that they are donating to save those poor "abused" dogs, cats etc...  When in reality, the $19.00 per month or whatever is collected is used to lobby against pet ownership.  You see these sad advertisements on the TV.  The donations do not go to any animal shelter, in fact these "Humane Societies"  don't run a single shelter and kill more animals than any shelter.  These monsters have a foothold in every State in the USA and use any disaster for an excuse to collect more money.

They want to change the World (a little like old Adolph in Germany) by controlling our lives.  They have attacked Pet Owners, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Reptiles, Chicken Ranches, The Beef Industry, Pig Farmers, Dairy's, Rodeo's, Circuses, Zoo's. Future Farmers of America, 4 H, Horse people and even the Rabbit breeders.  

They don't want you to own an animal of any kind.  They want you to become a Vegan, that is right, No animal products of any kind.  You will no longer have a choice in the food you eat or for that matter, what you wear.

We the people that want to enjoy our pets, or eat meat, eggs or drink milk, have been fighting a war against the Animal Radicals for about 20+ years.  These people want you to be confused so they can take over without a fight.  These organizations have Billions of Dollars to use to Lobby our Politicians.  We have been silent hoping they will go away.

The General Public needs to know what is going on.  I believe this is the only way we will be able to fight all of these new, usually ridiculous bills that our politicians think are politically correct.

Please go to www.humanewatch.com,  www.ExposeAnimalRights.com or www.TheDogGoneTruth.com  to learn the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.

 If you want to help animals please please donate to your Local Shelter, not these self serving organizations you see on TV.